Blue River Ice & Water

A locally owned family business that started right here in Mackay, Blue River Ice was established in 2004, by owners and brothers, Francis and Michael Vigilante. The brothers identified a further gap in the market to establish Blue River Water in 2010.

The driving force behind the opening of these businesses was seen as a way of serving and supporting the greater Mackay Region, by providing premium quality products and a service which surpassed that of existing solutions.

Today you can find Blue River Ice and Blue River Water stockists throughout the Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday regions, providing pure and refreshing hydration solutions in tropical Queensland. It’s not a BBQ without a bag of Blue River Ice! Water dispensers can be picked up from the Blue River Water Depot in Paget, then locals can conveniently find water bottles and bags of ice from a large range of shops, camping grounds, service stations and food outlets throughout the region. Local businesses benefit from a convenient delivery service to keep staff continually hydrated. The Blue River team even service the workplace dispensers to ensure a pure flow of pristine water.

The Vigilante Brothers were born and raised in the Mackay Region and continue to raise their own families here as well. Both Francis and Michael each have more than three decades of experience in the ice industry, and 12 years in the water industry. The brothers have continually reinvested their time and money back into the businesses to ensure they are delivering the best product available. Continuously upgrading their processes, implementing the latest innovations and technologies has allowed them to increase their efficiency, sustainability, safety and improve employee and customer satisfaction.

With these continual improvements, Blue River’s ice and water products speak for themselves. It’s no wonder Blue River Ice and Water are the coolest choice in town.